Grief Wellness Company, Eterneva, Launches Dedication Pages To Encourage Storytelling Of Lost Loved Ones

AUSTIN, Texas, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The grief wellness company, Eterneva, announced their launch of Dedication Pages today. Dedication Pages were created in order to give customers the opportunity to share important milestones during the diamond creation process and easily present them through social media platforms, email or text message. Eterneva puts transparency and science at the forefront of their core beliefs, therefore updates on the diamond journey come in the form of videos and photos with a detailed description of what step each diamond is currently in.   

First seen on Shark Tank and backed by business mogul, Mark Cuban– Eterneva takes pride in bringing those in the grieving process a piece of light and a community of support. Eterneva has not only created a unique legacy project for those who have lost someone close to their hearts, but have made it their mission to open conversations surrounding death and remembrance. This grief-changing journey gives customers a positive outlet where everyone effected by one loss can come together to commemorate their life in a completely new way. Rather than a one-time funeral service that is followed by a very isolating and lonely period of grief, Eterneva has provided customers with a way to work through loss and celebrate life. 

“One of our core goals as a company has always been to help those grieving understand open communication is welcomed. We launched the Dedication Pages in order for our customers to easily share updates during the creation of their memorial diamond and invite friends and family to be a part of that journey. The purpose of the page is to capture who someone was as a person, what made them unique and special, and then tell the story of their diamond,” said co-founder and CEO, Adelle Archer

At the bottom of each page there is the ability to share pictures & stories about each person, but Eterneva encourages people to share stories over condolences, because this is *not* a memorial page. It’s a celebration of a life well-lived. 

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About Eterneva

Eterneva is a consumer technology company and grief wellness brand that celebrates lives by making diamonds from ashes. Eterneva designed an intricate eight-month process to create these soulful remembrances, which is a journey that is as special as the diamond and the person behind it. Customers personalize diamonds’ size, color, cut, and inscriptions, so they serve as meaningful connections to their lost loved one. From interactive video packaging to hand-written letters, to a courier service that hand-delivers the diamond in a homecoming service, customers experience a level of thoughtfulness they’ve never seen before. Eterneva is based in Austin, TX, and was recently featured on Shark Tank, and on both Inc and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists. To learn more visit, hear from customers at Eterneva reviews, and learn more about the ashes to diamonds process.

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