Fruit Street Health and Purple Carrot Announce Exclusive Partnership to Provide Plant-Based Meals and Nutrition Advice Via Telehealth

NEW YORK, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fruit Street Health, the only diabetes prevention program (DPP) offered through live group video conferencing with Registered Dietitians (RDs), and Purple Carrot, the first 100% plant-based meal kit company, announced an exclusive partnership to provide dietitian-approved, plant-based meals to Fruit Street participants.  Additionally, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to enable more people to take advantage of this offering, Fruit Street is now allowing anyone – from low-risk individuals to people with type 2 diabetes – to sign up for its healthy lifestyle/DPP program at a reduced cost. To learn more, visit

“With more Americans practicing social distancing and staying home with their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to increase access to healthy meals and nutrition advice through our telehealth platform and partnership with Purple Carrot,” said Laurence Girard, founder and CEO of Fruit Street. “We have a team of more than 1,000 Registered Dietitians ready to help people eat healthy and stay active during this unprecedented shift in our daily routines.”

As part of Fruit Street’s lifestyle coaching, RDs teach participants how to adopt a ‘food as medicine’ mindset by focusing on the macronutrients, specifically the amount of carbs and sugars their participants are consuming each day. Fruit Street’s RDs reviewed and verified that the Purple Carrot meals adhere to the dietary guidelines that Fruit Street participants are encouraged to follow in order to lose weight and reduce their risk for type 2 diabetes. Participants can then use the Fruit Street app to take pictures of the Purple Carrot meals they have cooked at home and receive encouragement from their dietitian and other group members.

“So many chronic health conditions can be addressed through food, and we’ve seen dramatic improvement in our customers’ lives who have incorporated plant-based meals into their routine,” said Andy Levitt, founder and CEO of Purple Carrot. “By partnering with Fruit Street’s diabetes prevention program, we can extend the impact of a plant-based diet to help people reduce their risk for type 2 diabetes.”

Fruit Street will be the first digital diabetes prevention program to partner with a plant-based meal delivery service as part of its holistic approach to improving health outcomes for people with, or at risk for, prediabetes. Fruit Street’s comprehensive DPP program offers participants personalized attention and unlimited messaging with Registered Dietitians (RDs), a free wireless scale and Fitbit Inspire Activity Tracker™ to track their progress, and now a plant-based meal delivery service to help build healthy eating habits (for an additional fee). 

Fruit Street’s program is now being offered for only $19.99/month to anyone who wants to follow a healthy lifestyle routine, including individuals with type 2 diabetes and those who are considered low-risk for developing type 2 diabetes.  In addition, participants can also use a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to cover the cost of the program.  Purple Carrot subscriptions start at $72 a week. To sign up, visit

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About Fruit Street
Fruit Street ( is a physician-funded telehealth startup that offers the only online diabetes prevention program (DPP) fully-recognized by the CDC that is delivered via HIPAA-compliant live group video chat. Fruit Street’s program is proven to help people lose at least 5-7% of their body weight which can reverse the progression of disease, reduce personal health care costs and reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions.  Fruit Street takes a more holistic approach to diabetes prevention, offering people a comprehensive lifestyle modification curriculum which includes personalized attention and unlimited messaging with Registered Dietitians (RDs), a plant-based meal delivery service through a partnership with Purple Carrot, and a free wireless scale and Fitbit Inspire Activity Tracker™ to track their progress. Founded in 2014 as a public benefit corporation, Fruit Street has raised more than $17 million in capital from hundreds of physicians who are dedicated to making a lasting social impact in healthcare.

About Purple Carrot
Purple Carrot started with just a seed of an idea in 2014: encourage people to eat more plants for their health and the health of the planet. Today, it is leading the charge for people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Purple Carrot’s irresistible, globally-inspired recipes, fresh ingredients, and meals are available in the U.S. and Japan. For more information about Purple Carrot, visit

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