Boston WorkStation Automates COVID-19 Lab Result Reporting Required by HHS

BOSTON, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today we are facing a global crisis. It’s time to leverage technology resources. Boston WorkStation’s lab reporting automation platform was built for this.

A letter was sent to all hospitals Sunday requesting that they report their COVID-19 testing data to HHS on a daily basis. This applies to hospitals with in-house labs.

In addition, hospitals are asked to report daily bed counts. Boston WorkStation automates the daily reporting of cases and bed counts, alleviating the manual burden, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Our lab result reporting automation can be implemented immediately, freeing up your most valuable resource, people.”

Boston WorkStation and Lab Automation

The Boston WorkStation automation platform has 4,000 unique system connections that align with all EHRs, lab systems, and applications. This is an agile process that is quickly implemented, sending reports hourly or daily to HHS, with 100% accuracy, and no extra staffing. VP Pence stated, “We understand you may be reporting to your state, but the data is needed at the federal level to support FEMA and the CDC in their efforts to support states and localities in addressing and responding to the virus.”

COVID-19 Test Results Reporting:

  • CDC is requesting that all hospitals report data on COVID-19 testing performed in your Academic/University/Hospital “in-house” lab
  • Reporting is due every day at 5:00 PM EST

We are here to support healthcare workers, teams, and facilities during this pandemic. Through use of automation, labs and staff are able to automate handheld and batch processing, speeding results as demand drastically increases.

Automate required reporting to HHS, state, and public health facilities. Boston WorkStation can help.

About Boston Software Systems

Founded in 1985, Boston Software Systems is the worldwide leader in machine learning and healthcare automation. With an exclusive focus in healthcare, an expert knowledge of HIPAA, and entirely US-based support, Boston Software Systems accelerates the performance of data, eliminates technical complexity, cuts cost, and improves workflow for the healthcare ecosystem.

We stand in solidarity with the healthcare workers on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to simplify tasks, so you don’t have to work harder during this difficult situation.

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