The Office of Dr. Robert Ruxin Operates Remotely in a Simple, Secure and Reliable Way with the New OfficeFLO® Digital Communication Platform

FARMINGTON, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AthenaHealth–The Ridgefield and Newtown, CT-based practice of Dr. Robert Ruxin, a renowned primary care physician with over 30 years of experience with sub-specialties in endocrinology and geriatric medicine, an affiliate of MDVIP, a leader in concierge medicine, has recently switched to OfficeFLO®, a flagship platform of Entrespace, LLC.

While this change was made without anticipating that very soon many healthcare practices would have to close their offices and operate remotely in order to keep their staff and patients safe during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the team realized that with the OfficeFLO® apps and capabilities and their cloud-based athenahealth EHR system they can continue to operate remotely from the comfort and safety of their own homes, providing uninterrupted support to their patients 24/7 during these extremely challenging and difficult times for so many families.

The always friendly and compassionate, geographically-distributed team can keep in sync with each other and

  • Make and receive calls using the main office number from their respective location,
  • Send and receive text messages using their office texting number,
  • Send and receive email messages using their office account,
  • Host secure video- and audio-conferencing with their patients or other healthcare providers in real-time, as well as
  • Track voicemails using a centralized app.

“In addition to helping realize considerable savings on the telecommunications and answering service expenses, OfficeFLO® significantly simplifies the telephony for this multi-location practice, and makes it easier to track and handle voicemails, text messages, online patient forms, as well as patient notes and records,” says Ruth Karchov, Managing Partner of the OfficeFLO Division at Entrespace.

“Patients and their healthcare providers like the new OfficeFLO® capabilities as they can continue to use the same phone number, and now they can take advantage of the new mechanisms to interact with the healthcare practice, such as messaging, online forms, and the upload portal, which is more convenient than relying on fax, paper, envelopes, voicemails or phone tag,” says Dr. Robert Ruxin, the practice owner.

“OfficeFLO® components that touch Protected Health Information (PHI) such as patient files, records and forms, voicemails, email, text and instant messages are protected with multi-factor authentication devices. Each staff member, in addition to a user ID and password, must use a physical device – a security key to access the system,” says Jeff Miller, CompTIA Security+ Certified Professional and Fellow, Technology & Development at Entrespace, “which helps minimize security and privacy risks with this distributed platform.”

For healthcare practices that would like to learn more, Entrespace is currently offering a free 30-day limited trial of the OfficeFLO® Healthcare Premium Subscription Service, subject to qualification. To sign up, please visit

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