Clinical Research Investments becomes Accel Clinical Services

LAKE MARY, Fla., March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Matt Maxwell, CEO of Accel Clinical Services, announced that Clinical Research Investments has officially become Accel Clinical Services (ACS), effective immediately.

Maxwell explained the new name embodies the core values and competencies of the organization. “The name Accel Clinical Services truly represents our portfolio of companies dedicated to supporting independent physicians and their patients in the delivery of high-quality medical care.”

According to Maxwell, ACS will serve as the parent company to five subsidiaries built to align services around customers, not process: Access Research Sites, Accel Trial Connections Network, Accel Patient Communities, Accel Provider Communities, and Accel Research Management.

Accel Research Sites (ARS) is the flagship of ACS and continues to provide novel treatment options in all major therapeutic areas across the Southeast. ARS has over 20 locations, including a 62-bed Phase 1 unit in Florida, destination research units in Georgia and Alabama, and embedded research sites within specialty clinical practices. Since it’s 1998 inception, ARS has enrolled over 12,000 patients in over 1,000 trials.

Accel Trial Connections Network (ATCN), formerly Trial Connections, is a national network of over 140 certified research sites. With a separate dedicated prospecting team, ATCN connects high-quality studies from CROs to high-quality research sites, improving efficiency for faster study start-up.

Accel Patient Communities (APC) is a clinical registry of predictive health, medical, and panomic data. Built to connect patients to health and wellness options, including clinical trials, APC allows researchers unprecedented insights into patients waiting on the next medical discovery.

Accel Provider Communities is a network of complementary provider practices in physical and virtual spaces. With a belief that independent physicians and patients benefit from greater clinical integration, Accel establishes new medical destinations dedicated to improving the quality of care.

Accel Research Management (ARM) is a comprehensive research site and study performance management service for independent sites and site networks. By providing digital and highly scalable solution, ARM lets providers and coordinators focus on patient and participant care, no matter if the study is centralized or decentralized (virtual).

Accel Clinical Services will be in newly established enterprise headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida.  According to Maxwell, customers can expect the same great service with even greater support. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be leading Accel Clinical Services. Our collection of companies aligns with the paradigm shift in healthcare, the one that revolutionizes the way care is provided by independent physicians.” 

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