Therap’s Disability Software Allows for Efficient Tracking of Health Data for Improved Outcomes

WATERBURY, Conn., Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Therap’s health tracking features give provider agencies a range tools to efficiently track health data and visualize the data with a variety of detailed reports. Through notifications and comprehensive assessments, reports and guidance for staff charting data of outliers, the tools within Therap provide a flexible way to record and follow up on the medical needs and well-being of persons receiving services.

A central tool in Therap’s comprehensive EHR is the Medication History, allowing providers to keep records of medications and treatments prescribed or over-the-counter. Integrated with leading drug database First Databank, Medication History is equipped with drug lookup tools that provide detailed information including manufacturer’s labels, adverse side effects, drug-allergy reactions, and more. Nurses may add multiple schedules to differentiate dosages or times for the same medication, apply schedule frequencies or highlight scheduled dosage dates for medications or treatments, and view past or future schedules on the MAR. Medication Histories/current medication lists can be generated by using synced pharmacy messages if a provider enables the Pharmacy Interface, reducing errors in transcription and saving time – health professionals or the nurse on call can elect to receive notifications of incoming medication histories or pharmacy messages to review and create an individual schedule or adjust as needed.

When adding medications to a person’s med history or current medications, users may pull fields including order date, expiration, prescription number, and more. Additionally, using a medication review option, users attach review documents provided by physicians to individual medication histories.  Tools available to staff delivering medications include lists of active medications by individual for a particular date range, or scheduled time slot.  Staff or nursing oversight can run due medication reports to see across entire caseloads any medications missed or not documented, ensuring documentation of care is timely and agencies are confident of the data.

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Therap’s HIPAA, ARRA, and HITECH-compliant LTSS software applications are widely used in home and community-based services (HCBS) and other ID/DD provider settings for documentation, communication, and reporting. The web-based system by Therap provides person-centered planning and assists with case management and eligibility assessments for support providers and state organizations working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

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