Regen Suppliers Announces New Membership Portal for Regenerative Products and Services

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Regen Suppliers announces the launch of a membership website,, that gives medical providers a designated sales representative, special discounted pricing and rewards. Medical providers can create an online membership at no cost and new members receive a 20% discount on their first order.

Regen Suppliers is changing the way medical providers purchase regenerative products by cutting out the multiple vendors and associated phone calls and offering an immense amount of top notch regenerative products, while providing each person with one single point of contact. Membership is easy to join, taking only a minute on their website. Members who sign up will receive special pricing significantly lower than the list price (based on volume).

Membership benefits include:

  • Dedicated sales representative.
  • Tiered pricing which is cumulative across all product lines. Regen Suppliers’ purchasing power saves money on biologics, devices, supplements, and shipping.
  • One invoice, one point of contact and cumulative membership rewards.
  • Easy-to-use e-commerce platform where members can order online, view order history, and be the first to receive limited time specials.
  • Significant discounts on training (online and in person).
  • Access to IRB-approved research studies.

“Regen Suppliers is a portal that offers one stop shopping with exceptional concierge level service,” says John Krall, President. “Our dedication to service and the included new membership benefits will bring a variety of benefits for medical providers, leading to more efficiency, superior outcomes and higher profitability. It sets the bar for how regenerative products should be offered.”

Regen Suppliers’ mission is to provide first rate, dedicated service on a full slate of cost effective and safe regenerative products to make ordering easier and add more value to medical practices. The company offers a wide range of regenerative products from allograft biologics to autograft biologic kits, PRP kits and centrifuges, nutritional supplements, exosomes, cryogenic freezers, thread lifts, and associated needs.

New members receive 20% off their first order at, or call (888) 568-6909.

About Regen Suppliers

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Regen Suppliers LLC represents a one stop shop for regenerative products and services. No longer do providers have to source their needs from individual suppliers. Regen Suppliers offers a comprehensive quality list of products for all types of regenerative procedures. Items such as PRP kits and centrifuges, regenerative biologics, thread lifts, adipose, and bone marrow kits along with nutritional supplements.

Regen Suppliers is a membership-based website where customers receive consistent discounts, quality service, and provider training opportunities to hone their skills. Call Regen Suppliers today at (888) 568-6909. All new customers receive 20% off their first order.

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